You accept the bottle

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Status: Naked & Under A Blanket

You remove the cap from the bottle, not noticing that the seal's been broken, and take a generous swig. The water has a funny aftertaste to it, but you're so thirsty, you don't really care. Fatigue from the long day begins to kick in, and you find yourself getting sleepy. You doze off for a bit...

Some time later

Groggy, you wake up, feeling like you were having some sort of bad dream. Then you become aware of your surroundings, and you think you're still dreaming...or at least you hope it is!

Walt is standing in front of you, dressed in black. You're still naked and on some sort of hospital gurney. Heavy leather straps around your breasts, waist, thighs, shins, and ankles hold you in place and keep your arms restrained at your sides. The strap around your breasts is particularly tight.

"Welcome back," Walt sneers.

"What is this?" you demand. "What are you doing to me?"

"I told you I like horror movies," he says. "Especially the ones where a beautiful woman is slowly butchered to death. So every once in a while, I find someone to help me...recreate them. You've got a magnificent body - you'll last for hours."

When he says recreate, you get the sick feeling he doesn't mean faking the killings. Oh God, after everything you've been through, now you're going to be murdered by a psychopathic serial killer!

"You know, you really are something special," he continues. "I usually have to hunt for women like you, but you just came right to me, right into my clutches. I think you're going to be a favorite of mine! But first..."

He unzips his fly and mounts the gurney - and you! He begins fucking you, sneering with every thrust. You cry and squirm, but there's nothing you can do to stop him from raping you! He digs his hands under the straps at your breasts, crushing them in his grip.

When he's done, he withdraws from you and rezips his pants. "I wanted you conscious for the pleasure...and now comes the pain! There are so many ways to kill you slowly, and only one shot at it! I guess we'll let luck decide what movie is going to inspire your impending murder."

You begin to sob, wildly struggling against your bonds, but it's no use! You're helpless! Walt approaches with a hypodermic needle. "Time to go to sleep now. When you wake up, it's showtime!"

What horror movie are you going to wake up to? (Note: All of the following are fictional films, but these scenes are based on killings from real horror movies)

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